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2005 toyota corolla 1.4 d4d Sudden power loss


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Hi all,

I drive a 1.4 d4d Corolla. Today on the highway my car suddenly lost all power. By that I mean I continued at the same speed but when I put the gas pedal to the floor, I got no reaction/acceleration just black smoke from the tailpipe. There was nothing telling me something was off, no warning lights or weird sounds. I tried gearing down but the problem was still there. However, If I engage the clutch and press the gas pedal the engine revs to 4500rpm without any issue. After I reved the engine to 4500 rpm while engaging the clutch, the problem disappeared for some time (5-15min) before it happened again. After “fixing” the problem this way 3-4 times during my way home the “trick” would suddenly not fix my problem any more. So, I turned on and off the ignition while driving to see if that would help. The problem persisted. Reved it to 4000RPM again and it was suddenly gone until I got home. Parked my car and it ideels just fine and I don’t have any staring issues. Checked for codes put the only code appearing was a historical Airbag fault code. The fault reading was done when the problem was not occurring. Google tells me that it could be EGR, Turbo boost sensor, Mass air flow sensor (MAF), suction control valve (SCV) or Even gas pedal position sensor.

Any ideas where to start? I think that the EGR is the easiest way to diagnose. But I’m not sure. Moreover, I understand that the SCV is also a common problem on the D4D motors. But I’m not sure if the 1.4 D-4D (1ND-TV) engine has the same type of fuel supply system as the 2.0 d4d engines and has the same problems?

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