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Test drive on Tuesday: Part 2.


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OK, I know it's Wednesday :-) Anyway, after last weeks poor showing from Toyota, I went to a different dealer today. What a total difference, this is the way dealers should be. I'd seen a CHR 2.0 Design for sale, with delivery mileage, so I rang them up, and unfortunately, it had just been sold. However, they had an identical one which they are using as a demo ( Jul 21). After a bit of a chat, the deal was done, and I collect her at the end of the month. They are even leaving a top notch dash cam in, and giving me a full tank of fuel. 

I look forward to getting to know you boys and girls over the coming months.


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I would be interested in which dealers you are referring to as I live close by.

We have had about 7 Toyota's most new and from Toyota Wearside. They have been acquired by the Stoneacre group and have set new standards on how to make life difficult for customers.

In the past I have had excellent service from the same dealership ( different owners) but now its well below what it should be. I bought 2 new cars from them last year so my experience is up to date. I had 1 car serviced last month and that was not an easy experience. My RAV's first service in a few weeks time has been an epic in the making. Centralised call centre that doesn't answer the phone and staff who don't answer emails. Including senior staff who go on holiday and don't  activate the "out of office/on holiday" response.  

The experience I had of the sales staff was fine. The rest was rather poor. The valeting department standards deserve particular mention when the word Poor is used.

To make a balance I found my dealings with the local Honda garage excellent, had a CRV before the RAV. The Audi dealership ( my wife's TT) front of house service staff had superiority issues. 

Next year I will change my RAV and would like a better experience. 

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Dealer experience is crucial to a sale and servicing to a second sale. 

Our first choice car was a Kia.  We were walking passed a Niro outside the dealership and the driver took time to show us the car and its features and discuss how the hybrid system worked etc. 

A few months later we went to order one.  For comparison we popped into Toyota opposite and were shown different models, their features discussed  and compared with our current older but higher spec Mercedes. 

We then went to Kia.  We were told the Niro was round the corner.  There was no power and no one bothered to come and talk to us. 

In Volvo we didn't even get that attention. 

We bought the Toyota. 

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9 hours ago, Toonmal said:

The first was Stoneacre Toyota Silverlink, today was Stoneacre Toyota Gateshead.

That will be useful when renewal time comes around.

I am always tolerant of someone having a bad day. But when every contact you make is hard work then I will take my business to another dealer. 

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