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Stiff gear change 2013 Yaris

Paul D Greenmount

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poss a worn shifter or the cables need some lube, also check that a mat hasn't slipped up behind the pedal


It could also be a clutch or gearbox issue, when was the gearbox Oil checked/changed ?

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Usual questions: What's the mileage? How long have you had it? Has it suddenly happened, or has it gradually got worse? What work has been done on it recently? Has it had a recent knock?

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As above, whereabouts is the noise coming from? Could be cables, the mechanism in the car or the selector tower. Try these with the engine off first to help identify location.

A thorough drain and refill of gearbox fluid could also help, using Redline or something similar 

The Mk1 generally have a notchy gearchange - which can be improved by using some very thin washers on the gearbox.

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