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Toyota Estima hybrid problem


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Hi Everyone .

I’m a newbie to these forums, I’ve got a Toyota Hybrid 2.4 Estima X 4WD never had any problem

But recently when I start the car the ABS light, coolant light, P/S Light, Brake Light stays on or should i say the whole dashboard, electric door doesn't work and the speedometer just moves up and down with no real speed when i drive and but it drives with no problem apart from this

And Sometimes when the car is stationed the electric door doesn’t work .

and at last

 But in a few occasions my car went on a small pothole and the car made a Click sound and all the lights went off and the speedometer back to normal,but when I turn  off the car and on again the problem came back again 

Can anyone give me some idea before I get it to the garage.

Thank you very much in advance

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-03 at 12.34.01 PM.jpeg

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U01 codes is a network (canbus) error

its either the gauges or hvac controls/AC amplifier

I would start by unplugging the hvac controls and see if the gauges come back


edit. 2007 is a changeover year, do you have the half round heater controls or the one with the gear selector in the dash ?

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