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Sat Nav - Fastest route or Eco route?


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I have just had a few days away to the Devon / Dorset border.  When I was travelling in the area my Sat Nav twice tried to direct me onto extremely narrow tracks with grass growing along the middle of the road.  Once back at my base I looked at a paper map and I could see those narrow roads were actually the most direct route to the destination and theoretically they would have had a speed limit of 60mph, although in practice even 20mph would have been too fast. I was wondering if I set the Sat Nav to Eco Route would it be more inclined to keep on A roads?  What is the criteria for an Eco Route? 

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Eco is usually the balance between the fastest way and the most direct. It shouldn't choose the shortest if it looks like you'd be wasting fuel in traffic just to cut a couple of miles out ( I know you have a hybrid but I don't think that will be considered).

From my own experience, I would heartily recommend using android auto or carplay if your car has it and let Google maps or Waze handle your navigation. They're far superior to any manufacturer satnav, even the BMW pro one I used to have that was a £1500 option! Just remember that there is a cost in mobile data ( I use my work phone so I don't have to worry).

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