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Car Alarm Keeps Going Off


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I'm not sure if anyone is still awake but I'm having an issue with my Toyota Auris Touring Sports car (17 plate if this is relevant).

I have owned the car 6 months and I've had no issues until now. I'm currently using my spare key as the Battery is low on my main key and I need to get new batteries. I was in a car park yesterday and locked the car with the spare fob and it let out a screeching sound (it sounded like it was coming from just inside the car near the drivers side mirror). When I got home it locked ok without a sound but that night the alarm went off once randomly. Tonight it's gone off twice so far and I'm worried it's going to start annoying the neighbours if it goes off again. The last time it did it tonight I manually locked it with my key. I noticed the car with padlock red light was flashing even with the car unlocked (again not sure if this is relevant). Is this a common problem? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

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Locking the car with the physical key stops the alarm from being armed.

If you wish the car alarm to be armed, but want to turn off the interior sensors only (say, if you wish to leave someone in the car whilst you lock it), press the button in between the front map reading lights (in the roof), then lock the car with the key fob.  The use of his button is detailed in the owners manual.

It would appear that insects, especially spiders, inside the car can cause false alarms - have you taken any garden rubbish to the tidy tip recently?  Maybe there is an escaped spider wondering around?

Just sometimes, a failing 12v Battery can cause a false alarm as the Battery voltage level changes, which the alarm detects as an electrical load switching on (e.g. a door opening).  This is very rare.  


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Thank you for the reply.

I have found one possible cause. I've noticed that the plastic covering behind the rear view mirror has detached slightly. Maybe it's interfered with the sensor.

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