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sat nav or no sat nav


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hi all,i have just got a 2017 auris active 1.8 hybrid,and the touchscreen has a button for satnav,but my toyota garage here in spain say i can not upgrade with a usb will need a new box at the back ,is this right  just would like  satnav but if not can get lost by myself 😊

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Hi Stephen, and a belated welcome to the TOC.

You are not the first who have hoped to have had a built in sat nav. The display has a button because it’s a standard display front for all models. So your dealer will be correct.  Do a search on this forum, previous threads will tell you what you need to do, and where/how to get the bits.

No need to get lost, by yourself or otherwise. I got a sat nav screen in my car but I prefer to use Waze on my mobile phone, always up to date maps and with accident, breakdown etc warnings from other wazers.

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get yourself a 2nd hand nav system and retro fit it yourself

just make sure its for the touch 2 system as the navs are different compared to the touch system ( the original)

this can be done within 30 minutes max, i've fitted them at work whilst on my lunch break

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here is a pdf of the installation for the nav

the part number are all there for you

for sure you will need items a,b & c, 2 x clamps that

hold the nav to the head unit

and an antenna that can be purchased anywhere.




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