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auris rear sensors

Les Schwartz

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Have a look underneath - On my old Mk2 Yaris you could easily access the parking sensors from underneath the bumper as it was just a huge open cavity. Newer cars usually have a floor cover or something in the way for aerodynamic purposes tho.

Depending on what you're actually doing, still might be easier to remove the bumper first tho'

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Have a look underneath and even in the boot area to see if you could identify the individual wires going to the sensors and how they are connected to the brain/sensor box. This is the first stage. Is this an after market sensor in the car or an original? The original ones are too well fixed by toyota to identify each wire and it's sensor. If it is aftermarket then it is probably loosely tied and thereby easier to identify by prying out the sensor from out side and then tugging at each wire to see which sensor is connected to which wire. The next stage would be to pull a little bit of sensor and wire from outside and then after cutting off the wire at the sensor attachment point attach the new sensor wire to that remaining old sensor wire (use ties or tape whatever works best without increasing the thickness and pull on the old sensor wire from inside dragging the new sensor wire in place of the old wire (rail roading technique". Do that for each sensor. Fit your sensors on the bumper and attach the wires to the brain box. All done. All this can only be done if the old sensor wires are NOT tied in one bundle behind the bumper.

 If you have to remove the bumper then there is an you tube guide. I will have to dig it out.

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