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Where is the Toyota IQ Magnetic Clutch Relay/Integration Relay?(for air conditioning compressor)


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Hi all,

My Toyota IQ air con isn't blowing cold. When I press the air con button I don't hear a change in engine tone or a noise indicating something else has happened (like the compressor coming on). With the air con on and engine running for about 10 mins, the low pressure service port isn't even cold, so I guess I may need to get it re-gassed too but I don't want to do that yet if the compressor's not coming on. I can't actually get a good look to see if that's the case as the compressor is difficult to view.

I found the below picture which suggests a 'magnetic clutch relay' is in the fuse/relay box in that location but, the only relays I see are the following five:

1. Fan No.1 (Electric cooling fan)

2. S-Horn (Theft deterrent)

3.Defogger (Rear window defogger)

4.SR (Starter)

5. Fan No.2 (Electric cooling fan)

(I used the following for help: https://fuse-box.info/toyota/toyota-scion-iq-2008-2015-fuses-and-relay)

Any ideas on where the relay is? 

Many thanks!


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Update: from what I've read it seems that the compressor won't engage if the refrigerant gas level has fallen too low. I expect this is the case so, I'll just get it recharged. Well, at least I've learn a lot from the service manual and various forums today. That said, if anyone does know the location of the relay, I'd still like to know and, it may help others!


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