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Corolla purchase advice


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Hi there!
I got 3000€-4000€ and I'm looking for an used Corolla.

I can't decide between E120 and E140. Which one is more reliable? Are there differences between the sedan and the hatchback of E120?

Are 1.4 patrol engines any good or should I go for 1.6 ? For E140 I found a 1.6 with 150k miles (with 6 month warranty) and a 1.4 with 62k miles (from private person).

For E120 I found cars with 80k and 120k miles under 2500€.

Is it true that, while the E120 has a good manual gearbox, E140's is very faulty and bad designed?

Also, why do I find so few reviews about E140 while there are a lot of E120? Was the E140 worse or more exclusive?

Which one is of a better quality? I like E140 design much more but to me reliability and quality are more important.

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