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t sport advice.


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Hi guys. I'm new here so be nice. 

I'm after purchasing a Tsport but finding it very difficult to find one in good condition. 

Any advice from you guys which ones to avoid and buy. 

*I looked at one yesterday that had front bumper damage (easy fix) 

*An oil leak which looked like is was coming from the rocker (again easy fix) 

*And it also had this weird ticking sound coming from the driver's side front wheel. It only accrued when driving forward and got louder the faster you went. Any clues ? 

Also it looked like it had been undersealed and rust was starting to come through again, so my guess is that a previous has tried to hide mega rust underneath. 

Avoid or buy ? 


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Ticking could be anything from just Injector/rocker noise. Could also be a timing chain issue or the Aux belt/pulleys. Kind of a gamble to be honest unless its properly checked out.

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Had a ticking noise on my t-sport turned into a loud roar at speed turned out to be a noisy wheel bearing had no slack was just noisy in one spot, got an oil leak still after replacing the rocker cover gasket thinking it's the timing chain tensioner oring, and now finding the rusty spots check inside the frame Infront of the rear axle mounting point 

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