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2002 estima 2.4l petrol


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Hi, I am trying to get to the bottom of a problem with my estima. 

Car is very jerky when idle and low speed. 

Kind of chugging when idle. 

I have changed the spark plugs and the ignition coils have been tested and seem fine. I have an error code that comes on intermittently P0174

Does this car have a MAF sensor as I cannot locate it. 

Thinking of checking the oxegen sensor next.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Kind regards


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Be worth looking at the MAF....a duff or failing 02/Oxy sensor would normally throw a MIL/CEL..?

You have 4 on the 2.4.

Follow back from the air box for the MAF.


IIRC P0174 = lean mixture.

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10 hours ago, Jimrubbers said:

What do you mean by mil/cell?

Malfunction Indicator Light...Check Engine Light...means the same.

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Ah I see. There's only 2 oxygen sensors on my car. Left and right of the cat. You think I could swap them over to see if it fixes my problem and if it does just get a new one?

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You sure.?...I always thought there were 4 on the 2.4...I know I've only got 2 on my V6.

..But...an O2/Oxy sensor issue would normally illuminate your check engine light and provide a code.?..and tell you which sensor is the problem.

If you replace then don't buy cheap...go Denso preferably...cheap ones don't usually last long.

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No I remember when I replaced the left side 2 years ago. My car is rare that it only has 2 sensors. Replaced with a denso 2 years ago. Bank 1 sensor 1 is the right this time. I knew the second sensor would go eventually as they are original to when the car was made. Going to swap them over in hope it takes the jerking away until I receive the new sensor. 

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