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LED Bulbs?


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Hey all,

I am looking at changing a few things on my Aygo, I saw another one in my local town going around that has changed his indicator bulbs to LED's and they are so much brighter and look great. Just wondering if anyone has done this on the MK2 Aygo and if any changes need to be done to the wiring? I am looking for a plug and play bulb that won't make the car think a bulb is out when replaced with LED?


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Indicator bulb is probably the only one that I would NOT touch.  Why?

The blinking speed is determined by the resistance of the bulbs.

By changing them to LED will make the relays go haywire, acting as if the bulbs were blown.

There are two way to counter this: 

1. Adding a resistor parallel to the circuit.  But not any resistor, as the resistor will get real hot.  It would be one with a decent heat sink attached.

2. Change the Relay (or Flasher Unit) to a type that is designed for LED.  On Gen 1, that is almost impossible, as the flasher is solder onto the Dash's circuit board.  Gen 2, I do not know.

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You can get LED indicator bulbs with built in resistors.  I have tried these in various cars over the years (Lexus RX300 and now my Toyota Rav4), not tried them in my daughters  Aygo though.

It's a bit of a hit and miss whether the LED bulbs hyper flash regardless of what the seller states.

I got mine direct from Japan and they work fine, however, this was my 3rd set tried from various sellers.

Some work, some don't depending on the car as well.

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