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DAB radio, no signal. Still in 5 Year Warranty, covered or not.

Geoff Gale

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Recently purchased a 66 reg. Auris TS Excel 1.6D, all good so far but DAB radio has no signal. I have booked the car in at Toyota for a diagnostic check on Wednesday, but they say they can not tell me if the fault will be covered by the five year warranty until the checks have been completed. Sat nav and phone working fine. The car has been serviced at this Toyota garage and has the stamps in the book, I'm suprised the problem has not been highlighted before, maybe it has. Surely they would know if the radio is covered on the warranty.

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Dealers will not generally commit themselves to say whether anything is covered by the warranty or not until they have looked at the car. Just as an example it may be that the DAB signal is being blocked by a badly fitted Dashcam. Until they see the car they won't know that. If the issue is caused by a manufacturing fault it will be covered by the 5 year warranty.

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If someone has been tinkering with the radio system outside of Toyota control then they will probably look like an out of warranty job. If it’s genuine Toyota manufacture fault then likely under warranty.

Did you buy the car from a Toyota dealer under Toyota Used Car Warranty?

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Has the DAB been retuned if the car is from another area in may not be tuned for yours - Go into the DAB, press the settings (cog icon), press Refresh Station list (you may have to hold it for a few seconds)


You can also check the DAB and Aerial in the hidden menu under Failure Diagnosis (it may say NG next to the DA if so tap the NG and see what codes it has) and in Function check, DAB

Press the Vol/Power button so it displays Audio Off
Press the MENU button

Touch «Display»
Touch «Screen off»

Quickly press ">", 5 times and immediately press "<", 5 times

turn the ignition off to exit the menu

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Possibly not related but wasn't there a big transmitter fire in Yorkshire recently?

If you bought it from a dealer/trader within the last 6 months then you should be covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

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They will have upped the power of the other transmitters and bounced the signals from the relay sites - this may mean you need to retune to receive any/some stations

the latest from the company that run the site


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