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Fuse cap fell inside the engine/bonnet


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So I was looking at the fuses and working out what fuse is what and where for my new Corolla Hybrid (previously called the auris). But I accidently dropped it inside the actual bonnet itself and its now stuck right at the bottom! The cap had the fuse details on then and I cannot seem to get it out at all! 

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A bonnet goes up in the air, how did you manage to get fuse cap into the bonnet.?              
What is the approx size of this fuse cap, and do to you exactly where it is?

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I'm assuming you mean 'Fuse Box Cover' that has fallen into the engine bay.  But I'm not sure  I know what you mean now......

If it is the fuse box cover, what about.....

Unbend a dry cleaning coat hanger so that it is straight, then bend a hook into the end, so as to hook the catch on the fuse box cover?

Or, use duct (gaffer) tape to attach a short length of garden hose onto (into) your vacuum cleaner hose, and then use the vacuum cleaner suction to 'attach' to the cover and pull it up.

Or, see if you are covered for this type of event with your breakdown recovery.


I'm sure some better ideas will come along....


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