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Brake Bleeding with Techstream


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Has anyone used Techstream for bleeidng/flushing brake fluid on their Auris? I've seen couple of videos on youtube, it steps through the process and activates the abs pumps etc.

I've check with two versions of Techstream, v16.20 and v14.30, I cant see the air bleeding option as per the video.

I am prety sure I did see it on my old Corolla, although that was a manual process it just tells you the steps so I never bother with that, I just load the brake fluid and hooked up my diy pressure bleeder the master cylinder cap. Problem with that was ti activate the ABS, I had to hard brake few times and then bleed again as the ABS would have new fluid.

I thought with the software to activate ABS and make the job a bit easier. I wonder if I need a newer version of the cable.

Any thoughts?



techstream screenshot2.jpgtechstream screenshot3.jpgtechstream screenshot.jpg

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I am used to doing this with the pressure bleeder but its a pain in the neck having to repeat the process twice to get fresh fluid in the ABS.

Where as with the software it activates the ABS so its done in one go but the option is not there for my Auris.


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Dude, just bleed it as normal way on Prius 3rd gen. Many show it in Youtube, no need to worry about  ABS and other electronics. It is Toyota, always a way without scanner for maintenance.  When I was in USA Most of us never change brake fluid, probably every 5 or 10 years at most.   Some have articles on Prius 200k milez 10 years and the brake is in 80% new with enough additive and practically 0% water content. The seals is great in Toyota 

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