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I want to change the stock radio... need help please


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I am a new RAV4 (2003) owner. I would like to change the radio that came with the car for an Android head unit, but have no idea where to start. There are so many makes and models out there and I'm so confused. 🙃

Can someone point me in the right direction.. It's a double din 200mm x 100mm, but that's about my knowledge. I have searched the forums but nothing specific came up.



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Double Din standard is 100 x 180 so you will need an adapter facia. You will also need a wiring harness for the steering wheel controls.

Depending on your stereo you go for you may also need a patch lead that goes from the harness to the stereo.



Do you want it play cds or just music from your phone via bluetooth?

Have a look at Pioneer or Alpine head units. Don't go for any of the |Chinese tat on ebay..

Halfords will supply fit the whole lot if you are unable do it yourself.


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Thanks for the reply.

My car doesn't have steering wheel controls 😶 Sadly.

The current radio thing has a 6 cd changer, but I'm looking for an Android unit. I had a chinese tat one in my last car and it worked well, for what I need anyway, but my last car leaked when it rained heavy (eventually fixed it) but the damage was already done. There was condensation on the inside of the head unit, and ever since then the bottom third of the screen won't work. Anyway that's a different issue..

So if I have this right I need:
Double din android unit 178mm x 100mm (any make)?
Facia plate for the extra room
And some cables
With regards to the cables, am I looking for RAV4 cables to ISO connectors So the fit directly to the ISO connectors of the new head unit?

I bet that was as clear as mud

Thanks again


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