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Does anybody know what the best aftermarket brands are for a reasonable price?


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I bought some starline rollbar droplinks from eurocarparts, I did think as soon as I got them out the box that the rubber was very low quality. Stupidly I fitted them and within a week they had already started cracking. I think I'll soon be due to replace the suspension arms as the bushing looks a bit worn and I really don't want to make the same mistake, I found some OEM ones for £140 each but eurocarparts sells them ranging from £50 to £90 (£51 for starline, £62 for MOOG and £87 for TRW). I'll probably replace the droplinks again and may use lemforder although I've found some claiming to be OEM for £6 each and the lemforder ones are £23 each. Maybe I should just stop using eurocarparts... Although the NGK spark plugs and man Oil filters are good and you definitely get decent air filters if you opt for the more expensive ones.


Maybe I should just stop being such a cheapskate, the exhaust parts I got from Euro are crap (they're a very loose fit and had to use exhaust sealant to stop it leaking between the center pipe and muffler), although the OEM muffler exhaust mount did rust and fall off when the car was 4 years old and the center pipe mounting stud rusted and fell off at 9 years old, the replacement Euro muffler rusted 2 holes after 5 years.. I bought both my new replacements from Euro but this time I spray painted them before fitting with a silver high temperature exhaust paint and covered the mounts and welds in copper grease (minus the parts that touches the rubber mounts as I'm not sure if copper grease degrades rubber).

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I always try and go for Blue Print or Aisin parts. I've used JapanParts too which were cheap AutoDoc things, and to be fair I've never been let down by them or the quality. 

ECP are good for oils and consumables, but not parts. 

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Moog aren't bad quality, but check the part when you get them

Febi are another brand worth a look (part of the bilstein group)

31719 (identical part to the Blueprint, just £20-30 cheaper)





Febi 27438 or Blueprint ADT38590


A lot of parts are Chinese junk tbh even more so with electrical and "reconditioned" items ECP are not the only ones


Ps. before torquing bolts on the new arms and links, make sure you compress the suspension to ride height or put the car on its wheels, so you don't end up put the bushes under torsion otherwise you will kill them quickly



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