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Toyota Aygo FunRoof ?


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Hi All,
I am new to this forum and my daughter would like to buy an Toyota Aygo, she has saved her money and we are looking at getting her one from a garage as this seems to be more trusting in some cases. There are a few that she has in mind and also likes the ones with the Funroof.
I know on other cars there can be issues with electric sunroof's etc, is this the same with Toyota or are they generally good without issues.
She is looking at spending in the region of £6500 which I would think would get her a very good and reliable car. 
If anyone can give us some tips on these cars it would be appreciated, I have done my home work on them and they seem to be a reliable car without much issue.
We do not own an Aygo as yet but the forum wouldn't let me join without putting down a car
Many Thanks 


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Don't know about Toyota's, but over the last 50 years I had several brand cars with folding/tilting/sliding "sunroofs". Not that I wanted them, but they were already on them when I bought them.

Sooner or later they all started leaking, rusting or gave all kinds of electrical problems. Worst case was, it once refused to close when it started to rain. 😨

Fun or not, I hate sunroofs.

And as a bonus tip: don't let your daughter buy a used Aygo or any car with an "MMT automatic", even if it looks like a good deal!  Recent petrol manual Aygo's are "fun" enough and very reliable.

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The Mk2 Aygos X shift autos are not too bad, they have got better with reliability. I haven't had an Aygo with a Funroof, not my cup of tea, but even the solid roofs with the dipped shape look funky to me anyway. Apart from when you're trying to balance a cup of coffee on the top when having to close or open the boot.

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Hi we have had our 2015 Aygo for 11 months now & have found it to be a great car, the main appeal of it being the Funroof, which sets it apart from other boring cars without them! Also, as its a Toyota,i wouldnt worry too much about the roof failing.

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