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2004 1.3 Yaris


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My dad is looking for a cheap run around and one of these is available local with about 120k miles, I know they used to have a reputation for being reliable is that still the case in 2021 considering how old they are?

he doesn’t do motorway miles just driving around the doors really would be 99% of his driving.

are parts cheap for these and can they plug an aux cable in? He refuses to learn computers but likes to play music from his phone is that an option on these?

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i recently sold my 2001 1.3 cdx.  Had it from new, never missed a beat, only the Battery went flat once.  Very easy to work on, parts are generally quite cheap and super reliable.  As with any car if you look after it it will look after you.  Didnt have an aux in socket but you can use a small transmitter in the 12socket as a wireless connection from your phone.  Or of course get a cheap head unit with the aux socket already there.

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Reliable and cheap to maintain, not much that goes wrong with them.
Just check for rust etc.
Aux input is possible but you need a module for that or a FM transmitter but even better would be a cheap aftermarket headunit with bluetooth.

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