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Low mileage

Sarwar Beg

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Hi all - Recently I bought an used 2006 Aygo manual 1.0L, and I got very low fuel economy. Bit worried. I checked engine oil level today, and it blow my head that engine was literally dried without oil. I filled engine oil now. Is that the reason of low mileage? I filled 20£ E10 petrol, but got only 30 km when half of its used. 

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Hi, welcome to TOC 🙂

Oil is a lubricant so without it (if it really was that bad) you will have extra friction.

How do you know that you only managed 30km for 1/2 of your £20? The fuel gauge in the Aygo is not linear (& like most Toyotas has a Reserve).

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Hi - Thanks a ton for reply. It's like when I added 20£ petrol I got two points on fuel gauge (earlier I had two points in reserve), but after running Just 30km, one point was over today. Now I can see only three points after running 30km. See this picture.20211003_133935.thumb.jpg.a2663c617e4edb66c6271ae8f64fa61f.jpg

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Sarwar, first of all….. welcome to TOC.

so you bought the car recently, how recently? I asked because I am shocked you only just checked the engine oil level…… and found it low!  Why hav you not inspected when you first bought the car.

You cannot reliably judge a car mpg on sol little mileage. And to do it accurately what you need to do is fill up with fuel.        
1) Do this by sticking the hose in as far as it goes, put fuel in until it clicks, slowly put more fuel in until it clicks again.          
2) Make a note of the Speedo reading.            
3) Drive the car for couple hundred miles in all conditions, short journeys, longer journeys, whatever is normal for you.            
4) Then go to the same petrol pump.           
5) Take not of Speedo reading.         
6) subtract miles at 2) from miles at 5). Now you know exact miles you travelled.           
7) Repeat 1).         
8). take a note of how many litres you have used.             
9) convert litres used to gallons.          
10) divide miles travelled 6) by gallons used 9)       

you now have a fairly accurate mpg. The more miles you do, the more fuel you use, makes a more accurate reading.  You cannot rely on the bars on a fuel gauge. 
When did the car last have a proper service ie checked over by a good mechanic and oil and oil filter changed, air filter changed, brake discs and pads checked, brake drums and brake linings on the rear checked, the tyres checked for correct pressure, tyre wear.              
All of this is important, lives are at stake, yours, occupants of the car, and other road users, pedestrians etc.


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Hi Catlover - Thank you very much for the explicit reply. I will follow all your points and will get the car thoroughly checked by a good mechanic before running again. I understood all your suggestions well. Many thanks. Best wishes

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Hi there,

I don't think you mentioned how many miles your car has run already. Could you perhaps give us an idea of how many miles the car has done ?

Is this a sure number ? Did you get bills to certify or is there any system in your country to check if the mileage is true and realistic ?

How much oil did you add to reach FULL level and did you check you filled up right up onto the FULL level ?
I checked recently for the new Aygo but I think it's about the same thing. The new Aygo contains less than 3 liters of oil which is not much. It also means the level will drop and you will be in a critical situation faster when having such a small sump.  If your car can contain 6 liters of oil, it takes longer if you would use 1 liter per 1000 miles to reach empty level. So you should check oil regularly now.

Good luck with your Aygo !

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