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Toyota Avensis T27 2010 Warning Beeps


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Can someone please advise me regarding warning beeps. Is there a way of de-activating them if only temporarily? I went to Tesco with my wife last week and she waited in the car as I popped into the store for a few things. The passenger window was slightly open, the car was not locked and I took my keys as my Tesco card was on the key ring. I was gone only 15 minutes and while I was away the alarm went off 6 times to my wife's annoyance as she didn't know what to do. Is there a 'correct' way of leaving the car with a passenger still inside?

Another annoyance was when we recently went for a trip to the seaside in the car and parked on the sea front. We had the radio on and the windows open. As it was really hot and the window ventilation didn't seem adequate enough I opened the door thinking I'd get more of a breeze. What did I get? The flippin alarm beeping at me like an old-fashioned teacher scolding me for misbehaving. I thought "It's my car and I want the door open", but no, apparently I'm not in charge!

Can these alarms be de-activated? Thanks.

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Hi, it's good old-fashioned key ignition.

Is there and indicator (light, maybe) that shows me if the ultrasonic sensor is switched on or off?

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Hi Mike,

I hope this helps...

From the user manual page148 of mine:

Vehicles without smart entry &
start system: Turn the engine
switch to the “LOCK” position
and press the intrusion sensor
cancel switch.
Pressing the switch again will reenable
the intrusion sensor.
To cancel the intrusion sensor, perform the necessary procedure
each time canceling the sensor is desired.


The switch is located in the roof centre console where the front courtesy lights are. The switch button has a picture of a car with off written underneath. There is no indication via any lamps that you have set the switch in either mode.

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