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Toyota Avensis 1.8 Icon Rough Tickover/flatspot

Johnny W

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Hi Troops

I have a 2014 Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol Icon Auto, only done 20,000 miles FMDSH.

Sometimes tickover  a little rough, not as smooth when tootling along in traffic,

Am I just being picky or is it maybe a trait with the petrol engine.

My last 2 Avensis were both diesel



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Hi John, welcome to TOC.

It is really impossible for anybody on a forum to be sure without experiencing the vehicle themselves. However, the Valvematic petrol engine has very little torque at low revs compared to a diesel - it will never seem as smooth as a diesel if idling along at low revs. Having said that I would have thought that the CVT would ameliorate that to some extent.

It has done only 20,000 in 7 years so less than 3,000 p.a.  - maybe it needs a good high-speed run or 2 to blow the cobwebs out? 😉 

Did it have it's sparkplugs changed at the recommended service (5 years iirc)?

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As an owner of a 2009 manual 1.8 Valvematic, I find the engine fairly smooth overall, but could do with more torque. Occasionally the engine will hold the revs when coming to a stop, but this only happens once in a while. For the engine to run rough as you say is unusual, so there is a problem. But your meaning of rough could be the on/off nature of the fly by wire throttle causing jerky progress. My car does it when cruising along at town speeds under light throttle inputs in higher gears - like engine movement and drive line backlash. You could try and clean the MAF sensor using something like CRC MAF sensor cleaner. That is what I did. Also in another recent post where the driver of a manual like mine stalls the engine, I advised the same plus check the inlet and vacuum pipes for leaks and are secure.   

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