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Fuel types

French Auris

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Hi there. 

I've not been on here in a couple of years soooo, To be honest I don't have a clue here. 

I'm have a Auris 1.8 design hybrid. 

I'm in France, been using E10 fuel since 2018 and no problem so far. I get on a good run (for me) 770 KLM a tank and I do fill it to the very top. 

Now if I was to use the more expensive E5 fuel would I get an improvement in mileage? If it's a yes what could I expect? 

Thanks for your advice. 

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So far it seems E10 vs E5 makes little to no difference in mpg with the Toyota hybrids - At least, so far any differences are far outweighed by the lower temperatures of approaching winter!


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an improvement of mileage (efficiency) perhaps if you get any at all would be insignificant but performance, smoothness and quietness of the engine definitely there. I have previous generation Auris hybrid and do prefer to use E5, it does make the car nicer to drive and quieter too. The E5 has better lubricating properties therefore better for the engine and motor Oil in a long run. You can also look at this post from before, there is some helpful information and links about the fuels.


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Since using the E10, I have had mixed results. Between not much difference and lower mpg for the same temperature. I suppose that could be down to the left over E5 diluting the E10 until there isn't enough anymore over the last 4 fill ups.  

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