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Phev - check rear seat


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Morning all

Picked up a new phev on Saturday, currently done 550 miles in it and really enjoying the car.  One thing, I would say when turning it off, 50% of the time I get the following message in the dash:

"Attention check rear seat"

The backs of seats are firmly in place and there is nothing on them. 

Anyone else have this message coming up?




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Google suggests that this may be because a rear door has been opened after the car is switched to Ready mode ...


What does Rear Seat Reminder do? 
Toyota won’t ever be accused of trying to deceive people with the Rear Seat Reminder feature, because that is exactly what it does. When one of the rear doors of a Toyota vehicle is opened within 10 minutes of the vehicle’s engine starting, a reminder will appear on the driver information display on the center gauge cluster – a serious a multitone chimes will be heard if rear doors aren’t opened after the alerts start. Of course, the system will also engage if the rear doors are opened and closed after the engine is running. 

It’s important to note that the system might not register engage if the rear doors are opened and closed within two seconds. Basically, the Rear Seat Reminder software is smart enough to know if it’s likely that something (like luggage) was placed in the backseat. 

Can I turn Rear Seat Reminder off? 
Of course, Toyota wants owners to be able to set up their vehicles in whatever manner they like. Rear Seat Reminder can be turned off using the same controls used to manipulate the driver information display in the center gauge cluster.


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This is supposed to be a feature that detects if you have opened a rear door before you got in and drove off which assumes you have put a jacket, bag, etc. on the back seat.

I'm not sure exactly what it uses to trigger it and assume not 100% reliable but a useful reminder.

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Actually found it useful today as I was daydreaming on the way home and had forgotten I had put something there. Wouldn't have been the first time I did the walk of shame back to the car to retrieve something I forgot 🤣.

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Interesting. I get the message but don't recall getting a buzzer or beep as described in that manual extract. Do you? Might have to try it to confirm.

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