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CHG mode


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This maybe a daft question but appreciate peoples thoughts.

Has anyone used it at all on the PHEV,  I’ve read about it in the manual but does anyone use it. It appears as CHG mode.

I am also interested in the roles of the two batteries and when one operates and not the other, which gets recharged from the engine, both or just the one and in what circumstances  Any explanations appreciated 





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The CHG mode is simply that it charges the traction Battery to about 80%. It’s not a mode I can see much use for in my trip profiles but I guess if you could prove you were using EV only in charge zone then that might work or you wanted to be environmentally aware and use EV mode in a city. I simply use the EV mode when I’ve charged the traction Battery overnight and let the car switch automatically to HEV mode when it’s run out.

The traction Battery is 18.1Kwh at around 375volts, the standard 12v battery, AGM low capacity, is used purely for the lights, radio etc. The 12v battery only gets charged via a DC to DC convertor taking the 375v to approx 14.8v (I think), certainly whatever is needed to charge the 12v system battery. When you charge the traction battery via the mains charger or mode 2 charger the charge is only for the traction battery the system battery does not get charged. The system battery can be charged by putting the car into the READY mode, ignition on and ready to drive this starts the convertor or whenever you drive the car.

it all seems a lot more complicated when you read the manuals etc. but essentially get into the car, press the button and drive the car. It defaults to ECO mode but you can select Normal or Sport modes, but the car sorts everything else.

Hope that helps?

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The Prius PHEV has the CHG mode as well, I tried it once to test it worked but struggle to see when you would want to use it.

I get the concept of using it on a longer drive, once the Battery is empty, to provide a some zero emission EV range before you enter a city, but if I know I'm going to run out before I reach the city I tend to put the car into HEV mode to keep a couple of miles of EV range for when I get there.

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I think greatest benefit of CHG mode is when you're going on a camping trip and want to plug in the microwave, kettle or whatever. Or you're working somewhere but you need power for your power tools etc. Need the traction Battery power for that.


...except we don't get the 1.5kW power outlet (power comes from the traction Battery via a converter / inverter) like the North American market does. We only got 150W which I think is off our teeny 12V Battery.



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