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2016 1.6 diesel (d4d), p0299 code


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Brother’s Auris made a pop while driving, loss of power,  engine management light came on. 
It’s showing fault p0299 - low boost from turbo. 

Are there any common failure points like inlet hoses coming off? We had a quick look when I scanned it to get the code but being unfamiliar with the car and short on time there wasn’t much opportunity for investigation. You can definitely hear the turbo whining and what seems to be air escaping. I assume if it was a wastegate issue that it’d throw a separate code,  but no clue really. 

Mostly asking just to hear if anyone had a similar experience. Brother paid 10k from a respected dealer, and it’s low mileage so crossing fingers it isn’t anything too serious!

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I seem to recall a post quite a while ago where someone had a hose 'pop' and had to be replaced (IIRC it had torn slightly around the retaining clip/clamp)


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Back from the garage today.

”Hose had come off so was put back on. Component in the wrong place led to oil build up and the hose came off.”


No specific details but back on the road for £60.

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