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Mk1 Handbrake swop


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Just a few pics of the handbrake swop i did earlier.

I bought a replacement handle and took the old cover off it. Quite tricky - lever each end of the cover off and then forcibly rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise on the centre handbrake rod. Just keep doing this until the adhesive gives in. You can the twist and slide it off. Makes it sound easy but allow 20 minutes for this. 

The rest is quite straightforward.

Remove centre tunnel - one bolt at the back then pull the front clips out carefully. Manoeuvre and remove.

2 x 12mm bolts holding the handbrake down. Remove. 

Unclip handbrake sensor switch - push the white clip on the side a remove carefully.

Unloop the handbrake cables from the rear clasp.

Clean up 20 year old dust from centre tunnel! Polish exposed paint 

Pull each brake cable to check it hasn't seized. Grease end nodules and clip into new clasp. Grease pivot points and underfoot of new handbrake. 

Fit new handle.


I haven't refitted the tunnel yet so the handle may need to be moved around somewhat. 






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Forgot to post a 'finished' shot. Please excuse the unhoovered carpets!

Ive got a leather gearshift gaiter as well as a leather gearknob from a Rav4. Small details but make a subtle difference


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