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RAV4 1999 Engine compartment brace.


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I'm a new club member. I previously owned a '95 model and it didn't have an engine compartment brace. My "new" Rav4 is a '99 HEAT model and it does have a brace (see pic, it's a stock photo but you get the idea). I'm wondering if it's really necessary for the structural integrity of the vehicle. At present it's fitted with a small amp/hr Battery and I'd like to fit a larger/beefier Battery from my old '95 Rav4. It will fit in the tray but the brace makes it a very tight fit.

So, is it OK to remove the brace?

rav4 brace 74e98f_ed3a9f1d59f049d599e99c5010b9fa01_mv2.jpg

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Sorry I’m not able to help you but with the brace removed would you have the room to fit a new Battery? Why do you figure you need a bigger Battery? The brace looks after market rather than OEM if that’s true then it should be no problem to remove it.

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Thanks Ernie. That's my conclusion too. With the brace removed I will be able to fit a bigger Battery. The reason I want to fit a bigger Battery is the one that's fitted is much smaller both in dimensions and amp/hr rating than the one on my '95 Rav4.  It appears to be draining. A small trickle drain is normal and may be acceptable with the correct Battery fitted. Unfortunately it may be an intermittent fault(I hope not) but upgrading the battery seems a good place to start. It's simple and won't cost me anything. The battery tray/space on both vehicles is the same with the brace removed.

Thanks again.

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