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1.8 hybrid idle revs

Jatboy jay

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Yes, it's normal. Hybrids don't have an 'idle' RPM. If the engine is really not needed it will switch off. 1,300 RPM is what Toyota have determined to be an efficient rate at which to generate electricity for the Battery and/or heat for the cabin.

Toyota have several decades experience so we have to assume that in this case they know best. I can really only confirm that my observation is the same as yours. 1,300 RPM seems to be where Toyota have programmed the car for minimum load conditions.

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2 hours ago, Jatboy jay said:

Just took delivery of our new Corolla 1.8 hybrid, when in park and when the  engine engages the revs are at 1300 rpm. Is this correct? Just seem high especially when when it’s all about fuel economy. 


As soon as the computer says the engine is warm enough, or the hybrid Battery has got sufficient charge, the engine will stop.              
Just relax and enjoy the good experience you will have, well, at least I have with the Prius.

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