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Hiace 2.5 D4D


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Hi guys spent alot on my hiace but no joy.anymore idea's what can it be  garage have replaced injector 2&4 new tank.van has the same issue as before not pulling uphills then the engine on rough idle  when it's comes to a stop no warning lights for codes.

 someone let me know if the injection value below are right on my van.

1/  124      

2/ -140

3/ 94

4/ -140

The above figure are while vehicle is on move.

1/ 5.0

2/ -5.0

3/ 5.0

4/ -5.0

Above figure while it's stationary 

Many thanks




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This era of d4d are notorious for SCV issues what will causes rough idle and low power, i take you have also checked the turbo has no play in the shaft

have the injectors been coded correctly ?

What is the calculated load, at idle and up to temp ?

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Thanks for the reply I will get to you regarding the load on idle


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Calculate load 16% when it's warm.

Inject1 feed value 1.09

Inject 2 feed value-1.09

Inject 3 feed value 1.25

I ject 4 feed value-0.94

If that helps



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Looks like it's in the ballpark -3 to 3, the load could be a fraction lower but that maybe due to the weather

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