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Help buying a toyota century?


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Hi guys

Long term toyota owner here looking for advice on a Century? I've owned various Toyotas over the years, mainly 2 glanza v turbos and 2 mk4 supras one of which I still have however I've had my heart set on a century for a little while now which I'd love to sit next to my supra for the ultimate sports/luxury Toyota garage. 

I however know absolutely nothing about them, info is scarce on the Web and there's not really any buying guides about that I can see. I'm not to worried about the overall reliability because it is at the end of the day a Toyotaand will last forever and I'm not bothered knowing the mpg as I know it will he terrible, what I'm really after is some insight into ownership from people that have/do owned/own one ? Any thing to look out for? What's an average price to pay for a facelift post 1997 model?

Any info on these beautiful beast will be much appreciated however small it is?

Have a good Sunday all 🙂



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