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Stop charging, using My T app


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I have an uneasy feeling I am missing something obvious, but here goes: I have set up a regular charging schedule for my RAV4 PHEV (to take advantage of cheap nightime tariffs),but I sometimes want to charge it at other times. I can press Start Charging from the My T app and indeed it starts charging. But I cannot stop it charging from the same app. There is a link "Unlock charging station" which if pressed takes me to a Subscription Service  ("subscribe to Smart Charging") which gets me nowhere except an invitation to join Toyota's charging network.  To stop charging here at home I have to go to the car and unlock it to try and release the charge plug and even that didn't seem to work the other day - had to disconnect the power source first!

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I've never tried to stop charging and never had cause to do it although I understand why you might want to if you only wanted a partial charge when the electricity is more expensive. I have a app connected wall charger so can do the same from that.

I think the "unlock charging station" option will be a way to link some of the many public charging stations with a single payment system (there are quite a few third parties and apps that do the same). It might only be available in Europe though, it's briefly mentioned on the Toyota Europe website https://www.toyota-europe.com/world-of-toyota/electrified/ev-charging

Interesting that in Europe they have Toyota branded wall chargers where as in the UK it appears to be a partnership with British Gas.

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