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PHEV... child lock question


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For some reason passengers can no longer open the rear doors on the car. I've changed nothing. But somehow the child locks are on.

How do I set them back to just normal doors that folks in the back can just open when they want to get out? 

How could this have changed all of is it's own?

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17 hours ago, Cyker said:

Check the door edges when you open them, the child lock toggle switches are usually there.

I thought it might be software in the MID somewhere.  When you say door edges what do you mean? Do you mean there's a physical switch? If so I don't understand how this has suddenly switched of it's own accord. Weird stuff.

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Usually a mechanical switch on the edge of the rear doors that cannot be seen from either inside or outside when the door is shut. The door edge follows the curve of the rear wheel. The part you looking for is a slightly protruding lever, it’s an up-down movement, simple as that. Situated where the actual door lock mechanism is.

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Sorted thanks each. Rear door child locks were on (switch on inside of door that frosty pointed out). Weird thing that I do not understand is that up until a few weeks ago the rear passengers could just let themselves out.

Must be some logic I'm missing in the various door lock settings I've found in the infotainment screen.

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