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"Knocking" when steering wheel turned at speeds


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Hey everyone!

Has anyone experienced this noise before? Often when pulling out of a T junction, or going around a roundabout with my steering wheel turned 180 degrees or less I get a repeated tapping or knocking noise. Doesn't happen if I am going very slowly, and gets louder with either a sharper turn, or going faster around the bend.

I have recently replaced my control arms, other than the ball joint as the cotter pins were rusted, but the ball joints were in good condition anyway with smooth movement (hence why I decided to leave the cotter pins for a while). I have also replaced my drop links within the last few months too.

There is no play in the inner and outer track rod ends, or any other suspension component from what I can tell. The rubber boot on my CV joint is also in good condition, and I have no other symptoms of CV joint failure. 


Any ideas of what this may be?


Thank you!

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1st gen is known for knocking in steering wheel column, for me it was just 1 knock here and there, but i dont know if there's also repeated knocks.

You can try searching the forum for similar topics.

Noise usually happens when you are on a parking lot, so a lot of maneuvering.

I thought repeated knocking is only the CV joint.

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