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2003 Yaris rear quarter window replacement guide?


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Am trying to find a guide to repair my relatives ‘03 5door Yaris. Some guy recently broken into it and repair quotes are a bit high so am going to offer to repair it. But I’d like to know if there’s a guide/video available?

Ive tried searching but not found anything yet, hoping someone could point me in the right direction 

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Whilst you wait for other suggestions, this parts catalog can give some idea what there is in a Yaris door.


I've never removed a quarter light glass, but I have been inside a few car doors, Toyota engineering on such parts is predictable and straightforward from a repair point of view.  If you can find a guide to a similar-sized Toyota (e.g. Corolla, Auris, Echo?, Fitz?, Starlet, Prius) then it may still be of some use, as long as that car has quarter-lights.

Have you taken a door card (internal trim panel) off something similar?  I would think that the card removal, and gently removing the plastic waterproofing membrane, will be the hardest part of the job - which won't be difficult if you have done this before!

Given the age of the car, the glass sealing rubbers will probably have gone hard.  When you disturb these then I wonder if they will still be watertight?

Perhaps someone has familiarity with any ways of getting around this (apart from buying a new piece, obviously), or if it is likely to be a problem at all?

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Did it on son's.

Remove old window. Clean all bits with solvent.


(I used a second hand window glass which I cleaned as well and left 24 hours to dry).

Use approved window sealant and fitted window .

Guide : Mondeo for info


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IIRC the glass isn't bonded just held in the channle by the rubber

wind the window down, remove the lower bolt on the rear runner and remove the screw in the top of the door it should then come apart - you may need to lube the rubber to get the new glass in

Vid on the corolla its a very similar design


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