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C1203 vehicle information mismatch, EPB


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This may not be related, because my car still runs with the original unit, but may useful for information purposes. When I had my clutch replaced, after few miles the next day, a warning appeared on the screen to 'check parking brake system'. Auto release was disabled, I could use the switch to engage and release the parking brake. At the time I couldn't find the actual problem in detail with my diagnostics, and I had an older version of Techstream that didn't work properly. I used an auto electrician that traced the problem. Here is the interesting thing - he removed the warning with his professional diagnostics, then located the fault with diagrams. That was when I removed the air filter unit to access the gearbox below, to find the connector hanging from the gear position sensor! The point is that so long as all connections are good, then it is down to good auto electrician with the right equipment to diagnose, fix or code systems, like Diagnostic Dan and LM Auto on YouTube. These guys match chassis codes of the donor part, similar to coding injectors and TPMS.
Here the fix for poorly secured gear position sensor -  

Later when taking some photos for another member who suffered the same issue, I discovered oily mess, so cleaned the area, checked, secured and place a dust cap on the bleed nipple. I have had to do follow up work like this after mechanics, who tend to rush!

If there is a subject relating to Avensis T22 1.8 7AFE or T27 1.8 Valvematic both manual, search my profile in case I have a post on the subject you are interested in. Google the issue and include Konrad c. That is how I find my own past posts without having to trawl through lots of posts.   

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Many thanks Konrad for answer. The failure of the original EPB was moisture. New part including work costs is half of car market price.

Does anybody solved this issue using Techstream or other high level device? If yeas, how to do that?

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