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Constant electrical noise


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There is a constant electrical whine noise coming from my 2007 aygo. 

Pulling the 15a fuse that powers the radio etc... under the bonnet stops the noise but also stops lots of other things working. 

Any ideas where to start to resolve this. It is causing a Battery drain so have to keep topping up the Battery.

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Well that's one thing off the list - next up, disconnect the rev counter if you have one or pull the fuses around the dash one at a time if you haven't already - how old is the Battery ? A weak or dying Battery can make the electronics do strange things like turn the lights on

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6 minutes ago, flash22 said:

It looks like an insurance black box/tracker, how long have you owned the car ? Fitted 05/08/20 so not that long ago

follow the wiring, you may find a fuse and relay taped up


Only just bought the car, purchased for a friend. Guessing you are right about the black box. I have unplugged and all is good! 

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