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Apple Car play compatibility


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I've just taken temporary ownership of a Prius Business Ed + Phev Cvt with a 70 plate. I'm not familiar with this car and can't get Apple car play to work on it. I've looked at the manual and downloaded an electronic infotainment manual, both of which indicate I should have ACP, but the icon is not present on the screen. I really need to get Google Maps working as I'm off on a long trip. Any ideas if ACP should be available on this model or not? TIA.

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Apple Carplay was introduced in the Prius Plug-in from November 2020 - so even though your car is a 70 reg, it is possible it preceded the specification change that included the updated multimedia unit with Apple Carplay.

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Hi Denise, and welcome to the TOC.

if the Prius you have does not have Apple Car Play, I think the Business Edition Plus has a build in Sat Nav.           
you could get a phone holder plus a usb cable and connect to your iPhone to charge it up on the long journey whilst displaying Google maps.            
Set up your iPhone to the car so you can make and receive calls hands free too.

Best I can think of.

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