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Toyota Yaris engine swap

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I have a 07 Toyota Yaris hatchback with 1.5L L4 DOHC 16-valve. I was wondering if there is a more powerful engine I could swap with it but the engine space is very limited. Any suggestions would be amazing.

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For the Mk2, the biggest 'stock' engine was the 1.8 2ZR-FE that was in the SR-spec cars. If you can get all the required bits it should be relatively easy to drop in.

It's a bit underwhelming tho' - Most of what I've read from people that've had both reckon the 1ZR-FE in the Mk1 T-Sport somehow feels faster, but that might just be because the Mk2 weighs a good 100kg more and has a much bulkier front.

I have seen people turbo and supercharge them tho'! Finding the kits for them will be difficult now tho' as they're probably out of production or build-on-demand.

If you can find one, the good old 1.8 2ZZ-GE from the T-Sport Corollas can also be plumbed in, albeit with more difficulty, but they did it on Might Car Mods, and if those nutters can do it, it's definitely possible! :laugh:  That is far more powerful than the 2ZR-FE, and has the accolade of being one of the few (Possibly the only??) Toyota engine with VTEC-style valve-lift above 6000rpm. Is a fantastic engine, but finding one that hasn't been thrashed half to death may be tricky, but then again a lot of 'normal' owners had them and didn't even know they had valve lift because they never revved them high enough!


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Turbo the 1.5 it will be good for 150-200bhp with a built bottom end but don't use cheap eBay turbos - factory Vitz RS turbo cars are 150 bhp stock, engines are very rare 1NZ-FET with top mount intercooler like the 1NDTV

eg. https://www.jdmwestcoast.com/toyota/toyota-1nz-scion-xb-engine-1nzfe-2004-2006-1-5l-toyota-echo-00-05-yaris-05-17-1nz-5.html

2zzge with a turbo or supercharger good for 400+ BHP - engine can be found in the Corolla, 99-05 Celica and a few others

MCM did an 1.8 mk2 swap called Yaris Hilton there are a number of videos



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Assuming you are from the US?  go for a 2zr 1.8 it's a very well documented swap if you google around.
In europe we got a Yaris model with this engine so you know it fits 🙂 

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