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Wheel and tyre recommends for a track day

Big martin

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Hi, has anyone completed a track day in their Celica tsport?
Any advice on wheel or tyre combos? 
Car currently on 205/45/17 Avon ZV7.  
Is there anything else that I need to consider as preparation for the day? 
Thanks for any advice 👍


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Unlike the VVTi, the VVTi-L in the TS does not have a baffled sump.

Strongly recommend you replace the 5W30 with 5W40 while on track to avoid a big repair bill.

The cheapest way to better performance is to shed weight.

If money is no object, a set of 16" light-weight rims, such as Pro Race 1.2 would make a huge difference, as the torque on these cars is puny.

Also, ensure the calipers are working perfectly. The rears especially need regular maintenance (strip/clean/lubricate).

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Thanks for the reply 👍

I have read about potential Oil starvation and have now put a 40 rated Oil in the sump and renewed the filter. It it worth overfilling slightly until I baffle the sump?

Re shedding weight I will remove rear seats, boot trims, spare wheel, Jack etc. I’ve also joined the gym so will see how that goes🤣

Money is a bit tight atm so will run standard tyres for now (need to fix a front strut that’s burst as well now)😢

I have freed off and lubricated all caliper sliders, fitted new discs and pads all round with bigger Avensis calipers and discs to the front.

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