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2013 front windscreen question


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Hi All, I’m in the process of purchasing a 2013 Station Wagon and have noticed the below issue behind the front windshield glass. it should be black right to the edge of the screen

It appears on the left, top and right edges of the windscreen. 

I’ve seen a number of Avensis staton wagons with this similar issue. What is causing this? Water getting behind the windscreen? A poor window install from factory? 

Any advice is appreciated

Thanks Andrew 



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Looking at the photos, it looks like the outer edges are eroding due to being attacked by the elements. A rubber seal may have stopped or hide the edges.
I will check my car which is '09 (58) plate Tourer. I would expect mine to be similar, being one of the first T27s. I will report back later.

Just to add, I have notice any leaks.  

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I look after a couple of 2013 UK-built Aurises, both of them suffer from the same problem to some extent.

I pointed this out to the main agent when the car was still under warranty in about 2017, asking if this was a known problem etc.  They weren't really interested, and said that they would record it in the car's history in case it became a bigger problem later.

I think what is visible is the plastic centre core of the laminated windscreen detaching itself from the upper glass layer. but this diagnosis is not based on any professional opinion!

I would think that this is caused by a windscreen manufacturing defect, rather than anything that has happened at the car factory.  I can't see this causing, or being caused by, water leaks into the car - as I understand it, it is the lowest layer of glass that has the mastic/bonding applied to it to attach it to the car body, not these layers.

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