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clicking sound behind dash


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Hi I have a 2011 mk1 aygo and i have an issue where if the ignition is off there is a random clicking noise. sometimes i come back to the car and its clicking but as soon as i put the key in the ignition and turn it once the clicking stops. I am worried that it will eventually drain the Battery and its a real pain having to keep disconnecting the Battery if i am leaving over night. any clues please 



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22 hours ago, flash22 said:

How old is the battery ??

Pull the 7.5 amp IG1 fuse and see if it stops - IG1 is located behind the gauges


Hi There,

The Battery is about 6 months old but i will check the fuse IG1... recently the car needed a new clockspring and indictator as the airbag light was on and it wasnt signaling right, thankfully i bought those 2nd hand from ebay and fit them myself. there was a whole host of issues and somehow managed to fit a new complete exhaust and catalytic convertor to the car on my drive and it passed it mot just before christmas.. my dad gave me the car before he died 6 months ago so its got some sentimental value to me. its a great car but has various leaks from anywhere water can get in. this little car is my Rollsroyce the way i am always doing something on it to try improve drivability.. 

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Water leaks could be solved too. New seals / rubbers around the doors I think and the break light housing rubber that can be replaced.

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