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Yaris t sport which is best spring to buy? Split between pi 40mm or tein s tech 35/38 please help


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Hi please could you guys let me know from experience which of these springs are best for best handling improvements and looks, I know they are very similar drop

Can't find pi spring ratings and I don't know if they last like the teins will over time? 

Any advice very appreciated 


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Depending on your location and/or where the car was imported from, the SR may have come standard with 25mm springs - aftermaket springs are compared to a standard car so if the car is 25mm lower you will only get another 15 mm drop -the car will also settle 5-10mm over time

Eibach or H&R springs are what i would use, and replace the bushes with Poly like the Superpro's



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Go for the Teins, they make the car sit nice and level. Teins have been proven many years ago no too stiff and excellent build quality

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Thanks for the reply, I was leaning towards the tein as they cost less and levels the car up like you say, also lasting quality 

Think you just helped make my mind up 


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