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2020 RAV4 Dashboard Alarm Indicator


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Hi All

I have just noticed, after having my RAV4 for over a year, that I have a red light on my dashboard when the car is parked and turned off which the book says is my alarm. Its a steady red when the car is locked and flashing when the car is unlocked. It goes out as soon as I start up. I am almost certain that wasn't there until a week ago. Has any one else noticed this light.

Also the red indicator on my electronic Parking Brake button stays on when the car is locked up. I'm sure that it used to go out after a few seconds.

Neither a big issue but its driving me nuts that I may have accidently changed a setting somewhere 🙂


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Hi, Interesting. My alarm light is flashing when the car is locked.

As for the electronic parking brake, mine is definitely illuminated when I park but I have just had a lock now with the car locked and it is not showing now. I unlocked the car and it did not illuminate.

I have my car set so that the electronic brake applies when I engage park.

I believe that you can change this to a manual application but not sure.

hope this helps


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Being really boring and reading the manual ... 🙂 ... it states:

â–  Parking brake indicator light
● Depending on the power switch position/mode, the parking brake indicator light will turn on and stay on as described below:
ON: Comes on until the parking brake is released.
Not in ON: Stays on for approximately 15 seconds.
● When the power switch is turned off with the parking brake set, the parking brake indicator light will stay on for about 15 seconds.

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