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Yaris t sport abs light on solid please help


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Hi guys I recently bought a yaris tsport but has a problem with abs light being on I don't even know where to begin with it can't find new abs sensors online and only a couple of used front ones on ebay

I know I'll need to get diagnosed & will try cleaning connections but now very worried that if rears are problem then where can I find them now? 

If anyone knows where I can get the sensors please let me know? 


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If anyone has any of these working sensors front or rear then please I'd like to hear from you 


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Read the codes first

They are freely available, rears are part of the rear hub's (you can get the sensors but it sometimes the magnetic rings can fail that are part of the bearing)

What year t-sport ? All mk1 t-sports are built in Japan

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Thanks for the reply, I have just found the rears abs hubs complete for £25 each, Inc bearing and sensor which isn't bad, thankyou for the info about the rings. 

I have only just picked this car up it's a black 04 ph2, also has the post cat lambda sensor missing but do have that present to go back in again. 

Little bit worried as to why that is out of the car really? It does have what looks to be a hks hi power silent cat back exhaust fitted 

I had a thunder grey 04 I sold 3 yrs ago and have missed it since! they really are great little cars 

I do also have a mk2 08 sr d4d which I've had remapped to 115 bhp but they still are very different car to drive than the tsport 

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