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Does anyone have a picture of their Corolla in Pearlescent white

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Pearl looks best under sunlight, not sure if picture will do it justice. I was stuck between Pearl white and Manhattan Grey and went for the latter. Cheapest Nardo Gray I can afford brand new right now 😄 

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Well, unless you have some light source - sun, street lamp etc. it looks like ordinary non pearl white.

On sunny days and under the right angle it looks pretty good and I have found that summer sun and polarized sunglasses makes it look superb! It gets some silver blue shadows, hard to describe, you have to see it.
But most of the time, it look just white to me and the pearl effect is hardly noticeable.


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I think pearl white is Toyota Lexus signature colour, not sure if they had have it for a first time from all manufacturers but their models always look cool in that particular colour. Definitely my most favourite of all. 👍

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