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Dismount cigar lighter


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Hello at all. I bought an used 2017 hybrid auris TS and I want to dismount cigar lighter to take power to install an USB port on the glovebox.



I would like to know how to dismount cigar lighter...

I need to install a mirabox wifi on glovebox connected to the infotainment system with rca cable, because i want stream my phone screen (android auto with maps and spotify) on the original toyota infotainment system, because I have android box at home (unutilised) and I don't want change the entire infotainment (I want to maintain the energy flux and the kwh consumption).



In the cable adapter, I need to cut some wires to use video input while the car is moving?

Thanks to those who will answer and will be able to help me


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Dashboard trim usually just pops out, you can probably fine one on youtube that removes the cigar lighter to do something else, or similar.

You can also try going here, and see if some free manual has the part about removing the dash, usually there is something.



Cable adapter already has the composite video (yellow plug) so i think should be fine just connecting that.



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Thanks for the reply. I tried to check on youtube but I only find videos related to the old auris or the corolla (which is neither the new corolla nor the auris).
I will try to check on the site you indicated, thanks.
As for the wiring, no wires need to be cut? I understood that a wire had to be interrupted to prevent the video input from being disabled in motion ...

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