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Toyota Regius 1998 Import


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Hi, I am looking for any advice regarding spare parts and repairs. 

I have the annoying problem of my dashboard light not working. It's been into two garages, the first didn't even want to think about fixing it, the second tried and even sent off the console unit to two repair shops, both of which didn't know how to fix it. It's a minor, but significant problem asboth the fuel gage and the speedo are no longer working and I am worried that it won't get through it's MOT.

I also have two broken rear break light covers (poor reversing skills) that it would be good to get replacements for. 

It's an old van, but a good one, it would be a shame if getting spare parts for it and getting them fitted and fixed, became problematic.


Thanks for any help



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Hi Stevacos!

I also own an old Regius (2001) and have also been searching for a rear tail light cover for the driver side - to no avail (however I did see an advert for a passenger side one a while ago and it was £180!)

I am just curious as to how your search went? Did you find the parts you needed and if so, would you be willing to share your source?? ☺

Any help much appreciated !


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