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Aygo judder


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Hello all, 

Ted from the northeast, 

I have a 2013 Aygo. Problem I’m having is for one. It’s sucking in at the tailpipe on tick over.
Two, when your sat in the car, if you gently rev the engine, as it settles down I have a judder in the cabin. The top left engine mounting is a little worn but not excessive. It’s covered 54k, full service history, actually serviced yesterday. 
The garage suggested the timing may have jumped but I’m not sure? The engine is fit as a fiddle and pulls very well with no misfire, just a judder on very low revs…. 
please help 🙏😂



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Any faults codes read ? Check engine light on ?

How does it idle ? Any hicks ?


Sucking air from the tailpipe ? Air / vacuum leak or bad (not closing sometimes) valve are two possibilities I can think off.

Diagnosis from a distance will be hard or impossible I think. 

How many miles on this engine ?


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